Welcome to the Guestbook of the European Charter.

NameMatiasec János (m)

Date06-11-2012 11:34


Dear Friends in Samuel,

Thank you so much for the wonderful meeting! It was more than great, it was an unforgetable experience for us. We enjoyed every minute spent there. You live in a very beautiful country, and you can be obviously proud of your heritage
We met in Samuel old friends, and made new friends (that is the main goal of the Charter). Our host family gives us a good view of their way of life.
We learned there the importance of family cohesion, the central role of the family in society.
Citing Mr. Frans Ronnes ,, the European Charter is a big family, and we all are members of this family”. Hope, our family remains for long time in respect and charity, in accordance with the portuguese family example!
Thanks again to everyone for your kidness, friendship and for the great hospitality! We had so many wonderful experiences that we will never forget

Muito obrigado
The hungarian delegation

NameHannele Ilola (v)

Date13-07-2012 15:17


Kandava people! Thanks for your hospitality, good organization and great performances. Sports day was supergood, sun was shining and we enjoyed...It felt so good to see and meet all the "old" friends too. Have a good summertime and hopefully we will meet next summer. greetings from Kannus , Hannele

NameIngrid Dan (v)

Date09-07-2012 19:49


Kandava Thanks for your hospitality. Congratulations for the good organization and great performances. We hope to see you soon.

NameHauschild (m)

Date05-04-2012 04:36



Thank you Nagycenk,

you had organized a great conference.
The program was very nice, especially the trip to the border.
It was a big experience for me, to see the place where was torn the iron curtain in 1989.

NameMartin (m)

Date29-11-2011 23:38



Thanks to the enthusiasm of all our visiting delegates we had a great weekend in Desborough with a lot of sharing of hopes, dreams, problems and solutions and lots of laughter. The Christmas Tree with everyone's decorations was selected to be kept in the church until after Christmas. Look for video and more news on www.desboroughtown.co.uk

NameMartin Greven (m)

Date29-11-2011 17:51


Thanks to team Desborough for their loveley weekend. And of course thanks to all host families in Desborough. It was great.

NameBen Murphy-Ryan (m)

Date01-09-2011 23:48


The formal invitation for all Charter municipalities to come to Desborough has now gone out by email - postal copies will follow next week. Please respond by 14th October - we are looking forward to welcoming Europe to Desborough in November!

NameJoanne Watson (v)

Date30-08-2011 17:27


Can a member of each rural community please email me at joannewatson@live.co.uk with the airport you would use if you are coming to the UK. Would it be Stansted, Luton, Birmingham, East Midlands and which airport do you fly from in your countries - Thank you!!

NameInes Buttigieg (v)

Date19-07-2011 16:31


Cashel was another awesome experience...an effective programme where diversity & friendships are highly sustained. Special thanks to Mrs Kay Ryan & her family!

NameWillie (m)

Date03-06-2011 02:56


Hello & Welcome from Cashel.
We are all looking forward very much to meeting all our European friends here in Cashel in 4 weeks time - yes only 4 weeks and counting down very quickly!!
Just to let you know I attended a wonderful reception for all the host families here in Cashel this evening 2nd June. I wish to sincerely thank all of the committee members for the huge amount of work they are doing organising host families & events.
Apparently we have 270 people coming from all over Europe which will be the largest Annual Summer Meeting ever. Lets hope you all get here safely and will have a "Céad Míle Failte" - 100,000 welcomes when you arrive. Good luck & see you soon.